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Rumble by Link Wray & His Ray Men
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Grace Jones and Jerry Hall, Paris, 1975. Polaroid by Antonio Lopez.
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Mylene Demongeot
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Anonymous: Whats your opinion of the beatles? Like them? Love them? Think they're overrated or boring?

I like the Beatles. I used to actually kind of dislike them because my local classic rock station plays a TON of Beatles songs. Once I gave them a listen for myself, they definitely grew on me. I don’t think anyone can deny the impact they’ve made on popular music. I’m not a MASSIVE fan. I don’t know all their life stories, every album they put out.. things like that. I do love a lot of their songs though. “Something” has got to be in my top 5 favorites songs from any artist. That being said, some songs come on the radio and I have to run and shut it off. I wouldn’t say they are overrated or boring at all though. I have nothing but respect for those four men.

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 Led Zeppelin at the Chateau Marmont, 1969.
Rainbow In The Dark by Dio
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